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Mechanical Pipe Repair Clamps / Leak Repair Clamps

Leaks are inevitable in any pressurized system. When damage to process, transportation or distribution lines occurs, or when existing gaskets, o-rings, etc. fail, Topaz can provide emergency bolt-on style leak repair fittings for high or low pressure service. Mechanical leak repair sleeves for pipe, tees, ells, flanges, and valves are stocked in standard configurations, or can be custom designed for unique applications. With elastomer seals chosen for product compatibility, these fittings enable temporary or permanent repair in both onshore and subsea installations.

PLIDCO High Pressure Leak Repair Clamps:

Topaz maintains local inventories of high pressure PLIDCO fittings to meet customers' immediate needs. When orders include PLIDCO fittings not available from our regional stocks, we ship direct to the customer from the factory. 
Split SleevePLIDCO Split+Sleeves are mechanical pipe repair clamps used to seal leaks caused by corrosion or third party damage to on-shore and off-shore piping. Featuring a unique, patented construction, the Split+Sleeve allows repairs to be made on-stream. Steel GirderRings™ prevent displacement of gaskets by leaking fluids during installation. The seal is completed once the Split+Sleeve is bolted. These fittings are easy and safe to install and can be completely seal welded with the line in operation, if it is intended to be used as a permanent repair. The Split+Sleeve can be used for repairs to both high and low pressure and temperature pipelines carrying oil, gas, steam, chemicals and water.
Standard working pressure is 1000 PSIG with higher working pressures available. Fittings are tested to 1-1/2 times recommended working pressure. All sizes, lengths and pressures are manufactured.  Standard fittings for API pipe sizes 1½" through 48". Higher working pressure, longer lengths and other sizes are available upon request.
Sleeve Repair EllsPLIDCO Split+Repair Ells function the same way as the Split+Sleeve. These fittings are available for long radius, short radius, screwed and socket welded applications. Split+Repair Ells can be manufactured for any angle, pipe size, and working pressure of 1000 PSIG and higher upon request. The PLIDCO® Split+RepairEll is fast and easy to install by simply bolting the halves over the leaking ell. Available packing materials include Buna-N, Neoprene, Viton, Kevlar and Silicone. Fittings may be seal-welded if required.

Benefits of Split+Sleeves and Split+Repair Ells:
  • Fast and easy to install, and can be used for temporary or permanent repair.
  • Fittings used for temporary repair can be reconditioned and used again.
  • Large inventory of seals are available to accommodate a wide variety of pipeline products and temperatures.
  • Clamp ends are available to counteract hydrostatic forces.
  • Patented steel GirderRings hold seals in place and protect them from displacement and damage during installation.
  • Body and seal gland design has over 55 years of proven success

Smith+ClampThe PLIDCO Smith+Clamp is designed to seal high-pressure pit-hole leaks in piping. The clamp features a unique, patented, pilot pin that guides a cone point into the pit hole and centers it on the leak. Pressure applied behind the cone by a force screw provides the minimal force required to seal off the leak. Draw bolts at the bottom of the fitting hold the clamp in place. Standard sizes of the PLIDCO® Smith + Clamp range in pipe sizes from
1-1/2” through 48” and at working pressures up to 2000 psi. Special sizes can be custom designed.

Flange+Repair Ring
Flange Repair RingFlange+Repair Rings can be installed by your own personnel. There is no drilling or altering of flanges. On a scheduled turnaround, they can be removed, flanges cleaned, the gasket replaced and the flanges put back in service. The Flange+Repair Ring can be reconditioned and used again. Standard packing material is non-asbestos aramid fiber. Non standard packing material can be specified for product compatibility when the standard packing is not suitable. Standard flange sizes are 1/2” through 12”, ANSI 150 thru 600. Larger or special sizes, higher temperature and pressure ratings are available on application.

Low Pressure Leak Repair Clamps:

Universal Clamp Couplings
Universal Clamp CouplingUniversal Clamp Couplings are leak repair clamps which provide a full circumferential seal and wide range for repairing full breaks, pin holes, splits and holes in all types of pipe.  Stainless steel bands are positively attached to the lug system, eliminating mechanical weaknesses and band pull out.  Mutually supporting sliding fingers prevent distortion while tightening.  Molded, gridded gasket, ¼" thick, has long tapered ends and a recessed, molded in stainless bridge plate to give even sealing pressure around the complete pipe circumference.
Patch Clamps
Patch ClampPatch clamps are fast economical repair clamps to permanently repair pin holes, punctures or splits in steel and other types of pipe where a beam break is not involved.  These clamps are widely used in plumbing, industrial, water, gas, oil and irrigation markets.
Mechanical Joint Repair Sleeves
Mechanical Joint Repair SleeveProvide a simple method of repairing cast iron bells, split or leaking couplings and welded joint. Implementing a fabricated split mechanical design, these versatile fittings can be built to meet the specific requirements of special applications.  These sleeves are ideal for installations where strength, weight and continued service are critical.
Repair Sleeve for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe
These sleeves are designed to repair and reinforce damaged concrete steel cylinder pipe of all sizes. 
The sleeve allows for repairs to be made on all sides of the pipe without requiring complete stripping of the concrete.  A separate gland travels through the saddle and directly repairs the steel cylinder.

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