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Mechanical Pipe Couplings and Flanges

For construction of new, or the revamp of existing piping systems in areas where welding is not feasible, we also offer mechanical flanges and couplings.

PLIDCO High Pressure Mechanical Couplings and Flanges

Weld+Ends Couplings
Weld+Ends enable pipe sections to be joined without special preparation of the pipe ends. Weld+End couplings are used for joining high and low pressure pipelines carrying crude oil, gasoline, gas, steam, asphalt, chemicals and water. Patented Weld+Ends allow pipelines to resume operation immediately at recommended pressures, keeping downtime to a minimum. The Weld+End slides onto the cut pipe ends; after fully tightening the clamping and thrust screws, the pipe is joined and a leakproof seal is established. If necessary, the coupling can be welded, and welding can be delayed until conditions are safe–with the pipeline in operation. When welding is not feasible, and excessive end-pulling loads are involved, additional rows of clamping screws or additional Clamp+Rings may be used. Standard sizes of Weld+Ends couplings range in API pipe sizes from 1-1/2” through 48” and at working pressures up to 2000 psi. Special sizes, diameters, lengths and pressures can be custom designed. Buna-N packing is standard, but other packing materials are available. Benefits of Weld+End couplings include:
  • Welding is optional.
  • Join pipe with no need to purge.
  • No special preparation of pipe ends required.
  • Double row of clamping screws are available if needed for excessive end pull loads.
  • Various types of seal materials available.
  • If specified, can be safely welded onto pipe while line is in flow.
The PLIDCO+Flange is a fitting designed for making bolted tie-in connections on prefabricated expansion and rework projects. These fittings are easy to install, even in hard-to-reach locations such as high overhead piping, conduits and tunnels, tight manifolds or in hazardous locations. No special preparation of the pipe ends is necessary. Like other PLIDCO products, the PLIDCO+Flange provides a pressure-tight seal, with no need for welding unless specified. The fitting can be removed and used again, or welded later with the pipeline in operation if a permanent installation is desired. Benefits of PLIDCO+Flanges include:
  • No special pipe preparation.
  • Mechanical fitting, useful in non-weld areas.
  • PLIDCO+Flanges allow easy flange bolt alignment.
  • PLIDCO+Flanges can be used with blind flange following recommended pressures.
  • Welding is optional.
  • Large variety of seal materials available.
  • PLIDCO+Flanges can be reconditioned and used again.

Low Pressure Mechanical Couplings and Flanges

Ductile Iron Couplings
Couplings employ the mechanical joint compression principle to join two pieces of plain end pipe. This flexible, stress relieving joint eliminates precise cutting and fitting in the field.  Couplings are capable of providing for deflection, expansion-contraction (up to 3/8"), pipe settlement and an easy means of disassembling the system for maintenance. 
Steel Couplings
Steel couplings provide a simple, quick means of joining two plain end pieces of pipe. By incorporating the mechanical joint compression design, these fittings create a water-tight connection.  For special applications, several types of gaskets are available by special order.
Flange Coupling Adapters
Flanged Coupling Adapters provide a means of joining plain end pipe to flanged fittings, valves and meters. incorporating the mechanical joint concept and flanged side, these fittings absorb vibration, accommodate pipe deflection and expansion and will provide for easy equipment removal and re-installation.
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