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Hot Tap Tees, Tapping Saddles, Tapping Sleeves

To hot tap in-service piping, a branch fitting of some variety must be attached to the header pipe, a valve is installed on the branch fitting, and the hot tap is performed through this assembly. If branch to header size ratio and reinforcement considerations dictate selection of a split tee type fitting, Topaz offers several from which to choose.

Weld-On Hot Tap Tees
Weld-on hot tap tees are two-part, full encirclement tees with a branch outlet on one half of the split tee. Hot tap tees can be either full-branch or reducing-branch styles, and can be supplied with or without a flange on the branch. The size and bore of the branch outlet is specified by the customer, and if flanged, can be equipped with ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, or 900 RTJ, RF, or FF flanges. The saddle portion of the tee is welded around the header to be tapped with two circumferential end welds, and the two halves of the tee are welded together longitudinally.
Weld-on hot tap tees are available with or without a flange. Fitting sleeve may be an extruded or fabricated type design, depending on application, and are manufactured from a pressure-vessel quality carbon steel plate. Popular sizes are stocked, and tapping tees of almost any size can be made to order.
Tapping TeeTapping Tee
PLIDCO High Pressure Bolt-On Hot Tap Tees
Mechanical or bolt-on type PLIDCO Hot+Tapping Saddles allow branch connections to be made into existing pipelines in hazardous areas without welding. Special designs are available and can be custom built for specific needs and specifications. Available with full size branches, in any range of sizes and pressures with threaded, welded or flanged outlets. Buna-n packing is standard, but other packing materials are available. The PLIDCO Hot-Tapping+Saddle includes design criteria per code covering branch connections on pipelines. Benefits Include:
  • Patented steel Girder Rings hold seals in place and protect them from displacement and damage during installation.
  • Can be used in hazardous areas where welding is not permitted.
  • Large inventory of seals are available to accommodate a wide variety of pipeline products and temperatures.
  • Clamp ends are available to eliminate movement or rotation during tapping operations.
  • Safe and easy installation

Low Pressure Bolt-On Hot Tap Saddles and Sleeves

Service Saddles
Service saddles provide a quick, dependable means of tapping pipe for branch connections of ¾" thru 2½". Service saddles are designed for maximum safety and performance.  The wrap around design, wide skirt and wide straps support and reinforce the pipe while providing excellent stability to the saddle.
Fabricated Steel Tapping Tees
Fabricated steel tapping sleeves provide more flexibility and strength than cast sleeves and are not subject to breaking due to concentrated stress. Lighter weight and ease of assembly permits installation with a minimum of crew, equipment and time.
Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeves
All stainless steel tapping sleeves provide high corrosion resistance and are designed to provide maximum bolting power for increased gasket sealing pressure and pressure holding capability.  The full circumferential gasket provides insurance against beam breaks in size on size taps. 
Fabricated Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeves
Fabricated mechanical joint tapping sleeves combine the high strength and versatility of fabricated steel with the traditional side and end gasketed mechanical joint design.  The reduced weight of the steel fitting aids in installation, lessens beam load, and eliminates cracked casting possibility.  Side and end gaskets provide a complete seal around the pipe.  Highest possible corrosion resistance can be assured with fusion applied epoxy coating and stainless steel hardware.
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