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Gas Main Bags, Inflatable Stoppers and Bladders

Inflatable Gas Bags, Stoppers and Bladders

Type "C" Bags:
Type "C" Bags are for use wherever an uncovered plain rubber bag would not hold. The covered bag consists of an inner bag made of high quality Natural Rubber bladder encased in a 100% Polyester fabric cover. The gauge of rubber and polyester vary with the size of the bag.  Each size bag is expertly made to insure a snug fit and good shut-off when inflated. Inflating valves are standard with each bag; pressure gauges are recommended  and can be furnished at extra cost. DO NOT use natural rubber type "C" Bags in oil, gasoline, kerosene, acids or similar substances. Covers can be made with Flame-retardant material and bladders can be supplied in hydrocarbon-resistant Nitrile Rubber at extra cost. Contact us for specific recommendations when bags are to be used in lines containing these substances.
Gas BagInflatable Bag
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